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Custom Massage: Various therapeutic massage techniques are used to promote relaxation, stress, pain and tension relief. This is a customized session, tailored to your individual needs:

 $60 / 60 minutes,   $80 / 90 minutes


Massage Cupping -  A game changer!!  Various types of "cups" are applied to the skin to create suction or negative pressure similar to deep tissue massage to achieve lasting results.  Use of cupping therapy is at the discretion of the practitioner and certain health conditions may not be appropriate for cupping therapy.  Your health history and specific needs will be reviewed at your intake.  

~Upgrade your session for $10

Reiki or Polarity - Enhance your  massage with this relaxing, balancing and energizing technique!  Reiki and Polarity Therapy are natural and safe methods to promote healing and balance on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Works beautifully in conjunction with massage sessions.

Foot Soak & Reflexology - Reflexology is based on the principles that there are specific areas on the feet that correspond to each system of the body. Acupressure is applied to the feet to increase circulation, promote relaxation and aid in the balancing process of the specific body system.  Includes foot soak with essential oils to start.

~Add 30 minutes of foot work to a 60 minute massage session - $85

Massage Therapy on the Rocks - Smooth, heated basalt stones incorporated into your session to melt away tension.    ~Upgrade your session for $10


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