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Massage Therapy in Scarborough ME, Christina LaBrecque, LMT, CCT


Massage and bodywork can help with:  

Sitting at a desk all day creating back pain; tension in hands/arms from texting or scrolling on a smartphone too much; sleeping with an uncomfortable pillow for too long and creating a tight/painful neck; "heavy-feeling" legs or achy feet from working on a hard surface all day; exercising but not stretching properly; being a "weekend warrior"; feeling "run-down" or like the world is sitting on your shoulders or simply feeling stressed out from the demands of everyday life.  Click here to read more about the benefits of massage 

Now offering Massage Cupping! 

 When you give yourself time to "exhale" and let go of whatever does not serve you, all the supportive energy you need can flow in with your next breath.

~Christina LaBrecque, RRT, CPP, LMT




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